Monday, 13 October 2014

Still Hunting

Dear Universe,  
We spoke about this back in June. 
That was four months ago.

I'm still in need of a good job in a nice, local school - preferably a non-religious one, or one that's accepting of Pagan borderline agnostic weirdos like me.  

Being on JSA and temping sucks.   I've had the chance to work in some lovely schools, and some less lovely ones.  I have a clearer idea of where I'd be happy.  
I have my top three in mind, but I'm prepared to be flexible - it doesn't have to be at one of my top three, or even my top five. 
Dear Universe, I trust you. 
If there's a school I don't know about where I would be a perfect fit, then by all means allow the pieces to fall into place and light my way.

And, dear Universe,
If this career isn't meant for me,
A flipping huge wodge of cash to allow me to pursue an alternative would be really handy
Thank you 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Job Hunting Again

Hey ho.  

Here we go again. 

I love the school I'm working at, I love the class I work in.  I get on really really well with the class teacher.  But it's too far, and it's only a temporary post in any case, and it runs out at the end of August. 

I need a local job.  One where I don't have to spend 4 hours of my day travelling.  I need a work/life balance.  I need it to be attached to a class, rather than being all over school doing PPA or intervention groups.   Ideally I'd love it to be in Year 1, Year 3 or Year 5.  I love those odd number year groups :)   I'd really really like it to be permanent, too, but I know that's a big thing to wish for.  Hell as long as I'm wishing, can it be in a non-religious school with people who aren't nuts, and who are cool about weirdo pagan bisexual folk.   If it pays a little better than average that'd be great too. 

Please, Universe, can we do this?   I've had enough of coming to the end of the school year with nothing to move on to but JSA, itty bitty badly paid supply jobs and pointless assfuckery by the job centre.